RCH is a dynamic reality.

RCH is a dynamic reality.
Over the years, it spanned different technological epoch, and now is more and more SMART.

Times changes, but evolution is in RCH DNA: its dynamism is shown also in the way in which it directly communicates with the people that buy a RCH product, which has become more internet-based and interactive. RCH is always close to the clients’ experience:

it’s the heart of a point of sale!

Smart life with smart products!
A universe that goes beyond borders.
An expanded working space delivering the best efficiency.


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Sulle casse ci mettiamo il logo, ma anche la logica.
Il nostro chiodo fisso? Semplificare l’operatività di locali e negozi, per aumentare il business!
Siamo RCH: pensiamo smart, per vivere smart.
Come con il nostro Modulo Smart menù: un’applicazione ...
Creativity and passion: Our ATOS 15 Elegant range fits into any dining environment and gives chefs the gift of time.


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RCH systems, such as the ATOS range, provide restaurant owners with a complete and comprehensive set of management tools for the entire restaurant process. For more time, focus and passion in the restaurant business.


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The idea of sharing passion and creative vision is what most attracts to us to creating EPOS products for the restaurant market. RCH's smart solutions aim to introduce chefs to technologies that contribute to the strategic development of their businesses.

We have coped united with an international emergency with respect and commitment both as individuals and as a company.

We are stepping into "Phase two" with new fuel for our engine: new colleagues have joined the RCH team. They have ...
Abbiamo affrontato un’emergenza internazionale con rispetto, impegno e unione, sia come individui che come azienda.
Ci affacciamo con energia e speranza alla Fase 2 e scaldiamo i motori con nuova benzina: questo mese la squadra RCH ha accolto nuovi colleghi.
“A love of good food is the language of every culture, not just ours. The collaboration with JRE sees us not just supporting upcoming restaurateurs, but benefiting from their verve, determination, insight and creativity to help us develop the cash ...
Creative gastronomy meets best business practices:
Happy to announce our new partnership with the prestigious Culinary Institute JRE.


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"We know only too well that what we are doing is nothing more than a drop in the ocean. But if the drop were not there, the ocean would be missing something.” - Mother Teresa

RCH wishes you peaceful and ...
Having a common goal, being a team in any contingency even when the unexpected affects both our professional and private life.

We are grateful to our team, for their commitment to our community and for their availability and flexibility during ...
Rch Italia SpA ringrazia i propri dipendenti con un contributo economico ad integrazione dei compensi della Cassa Integrazione!

Per RCH è stato molto bello ricevere la vostra spontanea disponibilità, il vostro generoso contributo per far fronte alle difficoltà operative ...
Foto dal post di RCH - Electronic Cash Registers and Fiscal Devices We at RCH Group are grateful to our Chinese suppliers for donating 6000 sanitary masks to our region.

Thanks to this initiative the first 3800 masks reached Italy in no time. They were delivered to the Health Institution of Veneto ...
Foto dal post di RCH - Electronic Cash Registers and Fiscal Devices I fornitori cinesi di RCH donano alla Regione oltre 6 mila protezioni.
Il #ComunediSilea, tramite dell'iniziativa, ha già disposto le prime 3800 all'Azienda Sanitaria del Veneto.

Un ponte di solidarietà nato spontaneo dai fornitori cinesi di Rch Group Spa che ...
No matter how difficult times are, we believe in our customers and partners, and we will always stand by their side.

In a technology world, grey and plastic are frequently the order of the day. That’s why, with its bold colours and striking design, our Cortina 59 made a true statement at this year’s EuroShop in Düsseldorf.


#EPOS #EuroShop2020 #innovation ...
At the latest EuroShop show our ‘solutions oriented approach’ suited us down to the ground. Providing solutions to the existing and upcoming issues facing users has always been more important to us than reinventing the wheel just to prove we ...
Grateful for an exciting week at #EuroShop2020 and the positive feedback our new Cortina 59 and A-IRON solutions received. We look forward to keeping up the conversations!


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PRINT! F comunica con il protocollo HTTPS | RCH https://www.rch.it/media-e-press/news/print!-f-comunica-con-il-protocollo-https.html
PRINT! F FACILE da installare | FACILE per il tuo lavoro | FACILE da utilizzare e da oggi FACILE ANCHE NELLA RICEZIONE DI DATI PROTETTI Print!F compatibile con applicazioni web che comunicano con protocollo HTTPS.
Modern and slick aesthetic combined with usability, versatility and functionality: A-IRON is the latest addition to the ATOS 15 range.


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Vintage design with all electronic RCH functionalities inside: Check out our Cortina 59 POS in five colours at Euroshop 2020, booth #G49, hall 6


#EPOS #EuroShop2020 #Innovation
Understand your business and make strategic decisions based on the data you generate: WALLE 8T takes your business to the next level. See it at EuroShop 2020, booth #G49, hall 6.


#EPOS #EuroShop2020 #Innovation
Three landmark debuts at EuroShop 2020!
Visit us at booth no. G49 in Hall 6 to see WALLE 8T, Cortina 59 and A-IRON, the latest additions to our smart ECR and POS systems.


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Innovation means more than just coming up with groundbreaking ideas. It means changing old mindsets.


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Already embracing the eight retail dimensions that the coming EuroShop will let us experience next month in Düsseldorf. We will contribute to the new trends that are moving the future of this amazing industry.


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Happy New Year 2020!

After a very special year 2019, we at RCH are looking forward to continue moving EPOS technology forward this year.

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Celebrare con stile ci permette di guardare indietro ai risultati degli ultimi 50 anni, ma anche di guardare avanti ai prossimi 50 con fiducia.

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