Top Solution For Elegance And Performance

When we talk about shops, first we need to look at the home... why?

Italians pay more and more attention to their own homes and the objects they choose to put in them: practicality and style are the elements they look for most, but they want ideas and solutions too. Just like at home, the criteria for such decisions in the workplace are the same.

The cash desk has become more and more important over the years, which is also due to the transformation and more careful “construction” of a point of sale, which can become more than just a place to buy. This is where the magic and fascination of the consumer experience arise.

Stores can be seen more and more as places with a story to tell, environments that can stimulate curiosity, wonder, enjoyment, serenity and trust in the consumers that enter.

Design carries significant weight from this point of view. It is looked on as a form of creative integration of technology, communication and aesthetics. In this scenario, an Italian approach takes shape and RCH pushes this strongly, also in the international market. The combination of Italian style with technology, giving intelligence to everyday tools.

Design with aesthetic quality paired with Android technology from the world of Smart Products was launched by RCH, during a national Road Show in 2015, in the form of the ATOS 15 model.

The first thing that strikes you about the ATOS 15 is the original Design: simple and clean, with a neat and compact form. The ATOS 15 solution includes the fiscal printer, Print!F, for an elegant and sophisticated Cash Desk System. But RCH knows that substance is as important as looks! ATOS 15 offers substance beyond all expectations!
We have mentioned the Hardware, but what is inside is a pioneering RCH innovation. ATOS 15 runs Android OS!

What does that mean?

ATOS 15 is a System, comprising POS, Printer and ATOS SW, Android Software for managing a Food & Beverage or Retail cash desks, created by RCH. (Link pagina scheda prodotto ATOS SW)

Having Android onboard means applications, customisation and numerous extra services.

ATOS 15 meets the need for efficiency and reliability that a System has to guarantee, whether it is to be installed in a restaurant, a patisserie, a hardware store, a clothes store, a tobacconist’s or a greengrocer’s; basically, in any business whatsoever.

ATOS 15 represents an improved cash desk system by moving forward on various fronts: technology, ergonomics, meaning, great looks. It takes on a new importance in the innovative process and also becomes a fundamental tool for the organisation of your business.