More than a printer, a genie!

To be considered a genius, one has to be somehow out of normality.
An idea is brilliant if it solves an aspect of reality; a product is brilliant when it makes your life easier. Since the story of “Aladdin and the Magic Lamp”, the term genie brings us back to a state of fulfilment of all our desires.

Now that we talked about a brilliant idea or product and desire fulfilment, you are probably wondering: what is the characteristics that Print! F has that distinguishes it from other fiscal receipt printers and allows us to call it a brilliant printer?

You do not need to be Aladdin to find a magic lamp with a genie inside, Print!F is the only genie you will need to put at ease your workplace. Whatever your business category: restaurant, café, bakery, retail shop or bookstore… Print!F will guarantee the uppermost reliability.

Launched in 2012 with the slogan “Born to win the world”, its genius lays in being the centre of every point of sale, having the possibility to be connected to POS, keyboard, barcode reader and display. This is a product that is made to work under the stress of high printing loads: the more you print, the more apparent will be that Print!F is the right choice! It is fast, reliable and has an automatic cutter with partial cut, which takes away any concern about the manual cut of the paper. With its essential form and a colour that makes it an elegant feature for every kind of environment, it can be used in any activity, both in food & beverage and retail business. The franchising chains that have chosen it are also satisfied and serene knowing that at their cash desk there is a genius like Print!F.

Below, a couple of examples of how Print!F can be used, to give you a more concrete image of a possible business setting:

  • for a business like a retail shop, it is preferable to use Print!F as a cash register. Print!F will need to be interfaced with a T40/DP keyboard (with integrated operator display) and a customer display 220P to make it the real centre of all your cash transactions;
  • for a business that needs a cash desk with a management system, Print!F must
    work with a POS equipped with the more suitable Operative System, may it be Windows or Android ( ATOS 15 ) and with a customer display 220 P. Because the POS is TouchScreen, the keyboard is not strictlynecessary, but it can be bought as an option.

Following the success of Print!F, the ideal tool for every type of business activity, we decided to add a new brilliant feature to offer choice and customisation: the reduced dimensions. Miniprint!F is born. Miniprint!F.

Over the years the concept of design of the point of sale has undergone various metamorphosis:
RCH, with its 50 years of history, has to face the following questions:

  • how much of this change is our responsibility?
  • do our products simplify the users’ lives?

MiniPrint!F is designed to answer the primary
need of space, and is ideal for an environment in which the cash desk station has a reduced dimension.

In details, which are the characteristics of this fiscal printer?

All the strong points Print!F has are reproduced is a smaller dimension, including the paper roll, which has a diameter of maximum 50mm.

The cabinet is interchangeable, and different brilliant colour are available to bring happiness to the Point of Sale.

The available colours are:

  • Yellow, for a cheerful cash desk station;
  • Blue, to channel a relaxed vibe at the moment of payment;
  • Orange, to steal a smile;
  • Black or White, the two classic colours to be always elegant and chic.

We believe that the Point of Sale must have character: and we guarantee it with our bold colours!

It is necessary to be able to communicate what one can do better: our job, our technology, our art.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit”.