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The WAITER’S module: floor managers will love it
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A plugin module for order management.
Designed and developed precisely to solve the little and large problems of any restaurant floor, Waiter’s does away with the omissions and imprecisions of human waiters, reduces waiting times and improves the overall efficiency of your service.

Waiter’s optimises order management and cashier operations and guarantees effective, real time control of all floor activities. Waiter’s simplifies and speeds up all operations by interacting with your PC, touch screen, hand-held terminals and fiscal printers.

Waiter’s makes your entire production cycle more efficient and ensures complete control over all operations.

Waiter’s can be installed on fixed POS terminals and mobile tablets.

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This product can be used for the following sectors:


  • Additional module RCH A-TOUCH SYSTEM Software: 
    • Android application for order management via wireless communications, compatible with RCH A-TOUCH SYSTEM software
    • Procedure to synchronise all data set up on the RCH A-TOUCH SYSTEM software
    • Possibility of using several tablets simultaneously (no limit tablet)
    • Graphic visualisation of tables, categories and associated articles
    • Room management and subdivision of the tables into various sub tables
    • Clear and complete overview of tables, with immediate status recognition (occupied, free, reserved...)
    • Quick article search by description during the creation of a new order
    • Intelligent course management
    • Simple modification of the price and quantity of any element within a server’s order
    • Management of an article with several price lists
    • Management of variations relating to the respective departments, with variation in the associated price
    • Printing of orders and messages on selected kitchen printers
    • Sending of personalised messages to the controlling printers or directly to the RCH A-TOUCH SYSTEM software, practical in order to reduce waiting times
    • Simple management of variations for each element selected
    • Clear and succinct viewing of a server’s order
    • order sent directly to the kitchen’s selected LAN printer
    • Direct closing and printing of the account using Waiter software
    • Configuration setting (IP server setting and operator customisations)
    • Automatic adjustment for landscape or portrait use

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