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RCH A-TOUCH SYSTEM Software is the complete solution for the management of the Point of Sale

MULTILINGUAL: Easy to set in the language of the Country in which it is used.
OPEN: Possibility to integrate with other apps and web-services, and to download from the software itself.
INTUITIVE: Use of instinctive gestures.
CUSTOMISABLE: Possibility of customisation for every business.

RCH A-TOUCH SYSTEM Software is the complete solution for the management of the Point of Sale.
Its customisation makes Atos suitable for every business, from the Restaurant business to Retail.

Detail RCH A-TOUCH SYSTEM | Retail

This product can be used for the following sectors:




    Customised fidelity incentives for guaranteed results.

    This Fidelity plugin module is the perfect tool for improving customer fidelity. The customer relations management function lets you run successful projects that deliver guaranteed results.
    Customised fidelity projects for all kinds of business: Points systems, tracking of prepaid card sales, meal vouchers for card recharging, identification and authentication of customer accounts.

    Back office

    Back office


    Networked data analysis | An in-the-cloud back office includes a provisioning function to handle all aspects of administration from back office to front office.
    You can also register customers on line and manage occasional and fixed price services

    Multiple Checkouts

    Multiple Checkouts


    The additional module to manage multiple checkout points in one business.
    It is the best solution for all those businesses that need to connect multiple systems to a local network and have a centralised data structure in a server terminal.


  • Point of Sale Front End: 

    • AndroidTM based Point Of Sale application, front end and back office all in one.
    • Graphical visualization of departments and related articles, searchable by description or barcode.
    • Quick access buttons to retrieve Tables, Clients and choice of the document to close the bill with (receipt, invoice, …).
    • Graphic preview of the bill.
    • Favourite items screen.
    • Slide out numerical keyboard.
    • Easy retrieval of different payment modes.
    • Luncheon Vouchers management.
    • Clerk management with specified permissions for every operator (Administrator, Cashier, Waiter, …).
    • Warehouse management by unit or BOM, with under stock alarm.
    • Reprinting of documents and management of reports and closures.
    • LOG management with report of items and bill deletion by operator.
    • ROOM management and splitting tables in more sub-tables.
    • Sale by weight.
    •Secondary description of the articles for the kitchen printer.

  • Orders Management: 
    • Clear and full overview of Tables and their state (busy, free, in use, etc.)
    • Cover charge management from the table screen
    • Organisation in departments and PLUs, searchable by name or barcode
    • Smart courses management
    • Fast modification of price and quantity
    • Management of items with more than one price list linked
    • Variations management for items or departments, with related modification of the price
    • Printing of kitchen tickets and messages on the set kitchen printers
  • Clients Management: 
    • Possibility to build a detailed customer database
    • Document database by client, with possibility to retrieve unsettled bills
    • Possibility to set a special discount and VAT rate for each customer
    • Dynamic creation of new clients and linking of a bill
  • Settings Management: 
    • Configuration of kitchen printers
    • Setting of articles (description, price, pictures), variations, stock and Luncheon Vouchers
    • Setting of till heading, VAT rates, payment modes
    • Backup and restoration of all data on external storage
    • Automatic backup of data at every system reboot
    • Possibility of localization in language of choice

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