RCH innovation and design at Euroshop 2017

Being at an international fair like Euroshop, where state-of-the-art trends are unveiled, is always important in order to grow and understand the market as it evolves.

Hall 6, where RCH held stand G49, exhibited the advanced technologies of the cash register. A huge variety of POS devices were on display, all with more or less the same Hardware specifications. What changes is the design. Brilliance always stands out, and RCH made their ideas shine under the light of Made in Italy. All eyes on the ATOS 15 Range with the incorporated Atos Software: the design, ease-of-use and power of the Android revolution built in.

CASH DESK K2 Range with the XL product. Much more than just a digital signage totem or a digital kiosk, but rather an integrated solution to streamline purchases. A screen that communicates what’s at the heart of every business. The 43” monitor and the technology of a self-service cash register join forces to provide a pioneering innovative solution for a new way to select and purchase a product.

At Euroshop, RCH exhibited innovations that broaden the horizons of the basic cash register placing it at the heart of the managing process of every commercial activity. All expectations were exceeded at Euroshop 2017.

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