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We invest in our community

We invest in our community

INCENTIVE TRIP: we invest in our communityLet us paint a picture for you. An immaculate stretch of white…
Restaurant Success

Restaurant Success

FIVE ways to maximiseRESTAURANT SUCCESS The restaurant trade has never been more competitive. What can…
Technology never sleeps

Technology never sleeps

Back from another EuroCIS, and we here at RCH are feeling incredibly positive. Our positivity doesn’t…

50 Years of winning synergy

50 Years of winning synergy in innovative selling solutions 2019 is the year of our 50th birthday,…

RCH GROUP - Year round-up

Year round-up Pristine design expressed by magnetic elegance; powerful innovation combined with reliability The…

The benefits of industry-leading trainings for retail

We believe that the incredible demand for our training courses – and the positive response to our training…

The evolution of the POS

We’ve come a long way since the first cash register was invented by James Ritty in 1879. No longer just…

The Benefits of a Self-service Touchscreen Ticketing Machine at Events

Guiding and overseeing every aspect of the visitor experience is an extremely demanding endeavour for…

Intergastra 2018 and Eurocis 2018

We at RCH Group are passionate about, and very proud, of what we do. Since 1969, when our company was…

More than a printer, a genie!

To be considered a genius, one has to be somehow out of normality.


Android at your business service


A new way of doing business